The Fake Fulfillment center was a 3000 sq ft interactive art gallery based on my most recent body of work.  My work focuses on consumerism and its addictive nature, and how it has become a source of  (FAKE) fulfillment ..   The goal of great art is to make people think.  Why just look at Art when you can live and experience it.  For months I designed and built three dimensional vignettes of my work.  Looking at what fulfills us what we are addicted to;  Fashion, technology, social media, cars.  Studying the extrinsic while attempting to make the point that it is the intrinsic provides us fulfillment   Creating this installation was the most intrinsically fulfilling project I ever undertook.  

The installation was first constructed at the Boulan Hotel for Art Basel 2017.  After critical claim and success (see press), I was comissioned to remake the entire exhibit inside of the ART Palm Beach Art Fair in January of 2018.  The Exhibit consisted of multiple rooms (walk though below).  Including a doctors waiting room, the confessional, a vial inspired infinity mirror room, cats on drugs, social media twister, A Japanese zen garden made out of 250,000 capsules, painting (my art) with syringes, and finishing with life size pill bottles to get into.  You are the cure!  

A walkthrough of the installation


United States of Pharmacology 

We are a nation on drugs.....

This was my first large street art installation in Wynwood Miami.  I wheat pasted hundreds of hand painted silkscreens to create a 20' version of my Opioid Flag.  The goal was to bring even more awareness to the epidemic destroying so many lives

The opioid epidemic runs amok throughout our country, killing 1000 people a week. That is a 9/11 level event every 3 weeks!  One third of the county is on prescription opioids - big pharma is making money selling legalized heroin. Compound that with recreational use, and you have a country in crisis.  Where is the outrage?  Its time to stop the madness.